Hi, I’m Olaf.


I started fooling around with reel-to-reel recorders and other machines that make noises when I was really young.

I’ve always found sculpting and mangling sound with machines utterly captivating.

Had my first piano lessons when I was about twelve years old.

But after a few years I got a bit bored and taught myself to play guitar.

Formed a punk band called Amputatis when I was 16.

Around the same time, I got my first drum computer: a Specdrum plugged into the back of a ZX Spectrum.

I started programming dem beats.

Studied at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, and expanded my sound horizon in wild and unimaginable ways.

I got an Atari ST computer and started writing my first tunes on it.


At the Royal Conservatory, I met Marcus Graf and Nico Bosscha. We formed a band called ‘Normally Invisible‘. We made an eclectic mix of ambient electronica and big beat, but with over-the-top metal guitar bits.

We were the first group of Dutch Conservatory students who graduated with electronic dance music.

We released CD’s and 12” maxi singles, and toured venues around Europe.

Played my song ‘Propelvis‘ live for an audience of 4000 in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the most prestigious music venue in the Netherlands.

How awesome is that? 🙂

Composed soundtracks for several Dutch movies.

I did Gold Film-winner ‘Ik ook van jou‘ together with Marcus Graf. In 90 days, we wrote and recorded 45 minutes of music.

‘Ik ook van jou’ movie trailer with super crappy sound quality. Our music is somewhere in there :/

Formed electronic music duo WG@EET with Joanna Pavelescu. Did many gigs, and had many releases, with the inclusion on the ElectrOhm 1 compilation in Japan as a highlight.

Photo by Stephan Kaffa, album artwork by Steven Lapsevic.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t going to forget that awesome Les Paul guitar.

Joined improv kautrock band Slyder. Yay!

Photo by Peisam Tsang

Got into audio mastering for CD, streaming and vinyl.

Mastered many releases for AntiLounge Records. I still enjoy listening to albums such as ‘Solutions’ by MARRIC, ‘Jade’ by Rowine and ‘High Born Voyage’ by Nilssi.

…and then I was back producing solo electronica under my own name 🙂

Full circle!

I’m doing solo gigs, and sometimes produce videos to go with those tracks.