Olaf Wempe

electronica and sound design

Cut via tactful glitch extracts, emotive landscapes, and moving organic ambience—fans of classic downtempo IDM from artists such as Arovane, Boards Of Canada, Deru, EOG, Lusine, Phonem, and Yasume will certainly enjoy Anomaliac. Kudos to Olaf Wempe for replenishing the past and fusing a musical smorgasbord into the now.

Pietro Da Sacco, Igloo Magazine

Olaf Wempe
Anomalic (+) Limited Edition on L50

13 08 2021

Limited 50 CDR
No RePressing
High Quality Electronic Music

Join the launch event on the Touched Records MIXLR channel: 13 08 2021 07:30

Touched Electronix
TE 004 – 2×12”

Out now in good record stores

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Olaf Wempe

In stores 03 03 2019

Olaf Wempe
Inside Amy

Live at PAARD, march 9 2018

Olaf Wempe
The first time I saw your moment

Olaf Wempe
Albnd Zwecks

released on Antilounge RecordsAntilounge 22

Olaf Wempe
Vermillion Shadows

Olaf Wempe
Bitch Mirror

Olaf Wempe

With Normally Invisible

Released on Dutch Dance ’99

Normally Invisible

Written by Olaf Wempe and Marcus Graf.

Olaf Wempe

electronica and sound design